Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Husavik to Husavik: Iceland circumnavigated | Dan & Riaan pushed boundaries


Yay! There was a big probability that I'd miss the final episode of 'Around Iceland on Inspiration' but I didn't. Alhamdulillah

Stage 12 of 12 sealed an inspiring documentary engraved in my mind and many other viewers am sure.

Last night, on Travel Channel, I watched determined Dan and vigorous Riaan arriving in Husavik after having kayak-ed some 2000 km around Iceland [an island which measures up to 5000 km in perimeter]. 

Husavik was where they began their adventure about 6 months ago (in March 2011). This unusual pair, blessed with very unusually striking determination, had evidently pushed whatever personal and external boundaries that lay ahead of them right from their first paddle on a twin kayak called Inspiration. They arrived back in Husavik on 3rd September 2011. Dan was welcomed by proud and tearful mother Alana Skinstad and brother - top South African sportsman - Bob Skinstad.

Dan's mother Alana Skinstad
speaking emotionally about her confidence in her son's ability
on arrival day in Husavik.
Behind a man's success there is a woman - a mother.

At the outset of their last leg, the seas had been rough but Riaan decided: 'it was now or never'. Riaan had chosen Dan as his kayak partner around scenic and unpredictable Iceland because he thought Dan would benefit the most from pushing the boundaries.

During their final push to Husavik, Dan recalled his mate's father telling him when he was 11: "Never forget that you are a special boy!" Dan thought his achievement on Inspiration was like a payback for the people who had faith in him. Dan suffers from a mild cerebral palsy. He walks with a limp. In an interview with Cape Argus in November 2011, Dan said: "I had insecurities and used to think people thought differently of me because I walk with a limp, but after being out there with minus-degree weather, those things seem insignificant."

I think post Iceland circumnavigation, Dan must be feeling he could stand as tall as his accomplished brother, at last. And Riaan Manser too.

We all have our own insecurities. We all have our own unique personal boundaries that need to be pushed. It's not often that we find people who would give us a chance to help push our boundaries as Riaan had offered to Dan. But life is such that there are kind hearted people who have faith in us more than we do. Having and showing our faith in others is the best present we could ever give to someone. It's a default present a mother has for her children and she gives it not just once a year but throughout the year.

'Tis the season of joy and goodwill, let's cherish this special present that we have received from all the wonderful people in our lives. God bless them all.

Arrived. Achieved!
Husavik to Husavik

Merry Christmas to Dan & Riaan, families and crew. 
And everyone in South Africa and Iceland.
And my special Tweet mentors - Vala Afshar, Steve Gutzler and Steve Keating to name but three.


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