Friday, December 21, 2012

It's a small world after all


Wallahi, I've never felt so shy, embarrassed, awkward, all jumbled up like today (Tuesday). It's strange but it's true. Bloggers really should expect some people recognizing them from their online presence. But I have actually set up an invisible bubble pretending that certain people would never come to know about my blogosphere activities. There are people whom I wished had not known and who will never know about this blog. But that's just a foolish wishful thinking. It's a small world. It's a wide open world for God's sake. I should have known.

Believe me, it's very awkward and embarrassing when you're in a meeting, talking about work, submarine cables, SOPs, this and that and then suddenly at the end of the discussion, this pious looking gentleman asked: "You have a blog, right?"

Arghh! Have always dreaded thinking there's someone I don't know in a meeting who has probably known my intimate thoughts and beliefs through this blog. Arghh!

But, there's not a leaf that falls from a tree without Allah's permission. We should all have husnul zan towards Him and His divine scheme. When we meet someone, be it on the street or in blogosphere, it's never by chance, it's all due to His grand plan.


Salam ukhwah buat M. Semoga kita menjadi sahabat yang saling ingat-mengingati dalam mencari redha Allah, dalam memupuk kasih kepada Habibullah. Terima kasih kerana menghargai penulisan saya yang tidak seberapa ini.

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