Saturday, December 8, 2012

Monthly Mawlid by Darul Murtadza KL


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, we're grateful to have attended the monthly mawlid organized by Darul Murtadza of KL which is headed by one habib whose reputation is ever increasing - Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin bin Abu Bakar Al-Hamid.
Darul Murtadza organizes a monthly mawlid on the 1st Friday each month,
at Masjid Muadz bin Jabal, Setiawangsa KL

One esteemed guest from Tarim, Habib Mahdi bin Abu Bakar Al-Hamid (head of Madrasah At-Tazkiyah - a Darul Mustafa chapter in Kuala Lumpur) spoke about the virtues of majlis mawlid.

He said he would not have spoken if Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin had not instructed him. He said: "Praise be to Allah for gathering us at the majlis. May we belong with those who listen to good counsel. It is a great blessing of Allah. Each day Allah reserves a special gift as narrated in a hadith. Thus we should grab the opportunity to win His gifts."

"Why do we convene here? Why do we meet? It's because we love Rasulallah s.a.w. The Prophet s.a.w is one whose ruh is the most noble. The ruh of a true Muslim would naturally and surely long to meet Rasulullah s.a.w. Whether they realize it or not, whether they feel it or not, they are sure to miss him and are desirous of meeting him."

"Tonight we sing nashid, mentioning and praising Ahmad. We recite salawat. Allah orders us to praise the Prophet. We are all longing to meet him. The sahabah themselves had missed him. They were with him, in his company yet they missed him. Now what about us? We are physically detached from him. How can we not miss him, to see him and speak to him?"

"But still we could 'see' and 'listen' to him in this majlis hosted by Darul Murtadza. It is as though we are sitting with him in this blessed gathering. We could 'see' his attributes from the stories/narrations that we hear [from the qasidah and nashid]."

"Our love and longing for Rasulallah is no way comparable to that of the sahabah. Jaafar bin Abi Talib jumped for joy and danced when the Prophet commended him, that he looked like him (sallallah alaihi wasalam). The sahabah were really happy to be around him."

"Allah asked us to be happy with His bounties. What is His bounties? By bounties He means the presence/existence of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. There was a woman who would wait for the Prophet and beat her drum. Tonight we have heard the drums. In truth, drums were already being played during the Prophet's time."

"A majlis like this could vitalize our iman. It could deepen our love for Rasulallah s.a.w. It's important to renew our iman. How do we do that? It's by reciting plenty of lailaha illAllah; by attending majlis zikr; by reciting salawat."

"Our iman is not complete lest we love the Prophet more than we love our parents, families or even ourselves. May we leave this majlis having the Prophet in our hearts, in our speeches, sight, hearing and the way we interact, at work, at home."

"If we wish to be with Rasulallah in akhira, we must know him well while we are here in this dunya. If we put in great efforts to learn about his great stature and honor, we might earn similar honor ourselves."

"May Allah grant those present tonight with the feeling of love for RasulAllah, of missing his essence, of longing for his ruh. May we belong with those who offer assistance to the deen which the Prophet had been propagating. May we belong with those who bring delight to the Prophet's heart."

A small act of kindness by one young attendee
at Darul Murtadza majlis last night
Allahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any omissions and errors.

p/s Dr. Nafisah: it was a pleasure meeting you again. May we be two friends who meet and part for the sake of Allah and granted protection on the Day of Resurrection. Ameen.

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