Sunday, December 23, 2012

One Sunday morning on Princess Beach | Wish everyone a good catch!


Alhamdulillah for simple pleasures in life.

I have been out for a morning walk on Princess Beach [Pantai Puteri] in Melaka, about two and a half hours drive south of KL. Was out to catch the morning breeze and some inspirations and indeed it was abound.

Saw some fishermen ready to head out to work. May they return with a good catch.

Met a young boy and his buddies trying to catch a fishing-rod skill rather than fish.

Saw the prettiest beach bench ever, in bright pink! And exchanged some pleasantries with a gentleman who seemed happy with his catch - some small crabs and fish. [See pic below] 

It was really nice to chat with strangers or friendly Muslim brothers I should say. Oh, there was also one non-Muslim family, equally cheerful and gregarious. We shared a good laugh cos their cute little boy refused to put on any trunks and insisted on going for a truly "free" beach stroll! "Habislah kakak dah tengok", said the father. [That means I just saw something which I shouldn't have. Heh heh]

It also made my day to see people speeding away on boats and frantically waving at me as though we've been friends forever.

We are staying at a yet to be named homestay/chalet near Princess Beach, whose owner understood customer service better than some big organizations out there. It's an "uncle & nephew" new business venture.

And the roti canai at the beach-side food court, beats KL's roti canai hands down. [That's a flat bread - a popular Malaysian style paratha]

Princess Beach (Pantai Puteri) in Melaka
23rd Dec 2012

Hopeful fishermen ready to hit their "workplace"

Catching a new skill

A man happy with his catch of the day

A band of carefree boys insisted that I took their photo.
They sure enjoyed their morning swim.

Who says fishermen are not dynamic?

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for a great Sunday morning. Glad that we opted for this kind of break instead of the typical Sunday buffet breakfast at top hotels.

The most pleasurable things in life have always been the simplest.

To all who are out to catch some food, skills, inspirations, good times etc. here's wishing everyone a good catch!

One generous couple treating us to homemade lunch Melaka-style later. And then will head to the oldest mosque in Malaysia built in 1728. Insha Allah.

O people, come visit Malaysia!

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