Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Words symbolism


Will the non-Malay readers excuse me. I just needed to quote these lyrics from a Malay song which is difficult to translate, too poetic it is. When words are used not to convey their obvious literal meanings but used more as a symbolism, it makes your brainwaves work harder to dig deeper for the real meanings. It could really penetrate your deepest imagination and emotions but still in the end, you are left speechless.

Masihkah kita termanggu di bawah pepohon itu
Ketika hujan melunturi danau yang terusang
Tidak pernah dibilang hari
Hanyalah debar yang terasa...rasa

Setiap hari dibuai mimpi yang terindah
Dengan menghitung senja merah di hujung sinar
Mencipta kebeningan rahsia
Pada sehimpun kenangan
Menyimpul satu makna di ruang yang lurus ini

It's amazing how Allah has created so many different languages and embedded a default language in our hearts, each one of us. Hence naturally people would want their soulmates to share the same native language or there would be plenty of emotions lost and chemistry diluted. The default language of the heart is a language of love, though universal in nature, it is unique to the person.

Glory be to Allah who knows us zahir and batin better than we know ourselves.

"He who created all things in the best way and He began the creation of man from clay."
- Qur'an As Sajadah 32:7

Picture above was taken from my window at Bridge of Allan, Stirling, Scotland circa 2005

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