Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get real | Apply oneself to the real business


O man, [or should I say boy], please get your perspective right. We don't need to learn or be given a so called powerful awrad that could make us become the so called "lower awliya". 

Hah hah hah...

First thing first, get your akhlak right. Go back to basics. Don't lie. Speak the truth. Honor your words. Think twice about lying especially during Ramadhan and especially when one is standing on holy Madinah land! Astaghfirullah! Think about becoming a servant of Allah before talking about becoming awliya! No in fact, one should be ashamed to even mention it. It's about being a servant of Allah, period. 

If you still insist on bluffing your way, then consider removing your jubbah and throw that stick away. Don't be an impostor. Get real. Perhaps your long list of "powerful murshid" did not teach you well. So let me say it to you now - go back to basics and be a servant of Allah.

You know what Rabiatul Adawiyah, the bigger awliya, said to some guys like Hassan al-Basri? When Hassan al-Basri threw his prayer rug on the water and invited Rabia to pray, Rabia responded by throwing her rug in the air and invited Hassan up there. She said to immature Hassan: "What you and I can do, the fish and flies can do too. But the real business is outside these tricks. One must apply oneself to the real business."

So my advice is to drop your lofty and unrealistic spiritual ambitions. And go make yourself useful to people and the deen - that's the real business. 

Someone commented, "Oh it must feel sucks..." (to be misled by a "shaykh" about marriage). I think sucks is not the right word. No way. In fact, I am deeply grateful for Allah has shown me my true worth. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Besides, who needs a bogus shaykh? No thanks! 

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