Friday, January 25, 2013

Japan, take me!

Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center

O Lord, You are the King of the world, let me set foot in Tokyo and pray under that beautiful dome please! Ameen Ya Allah Ya Mujib Ya Kareem.

Oh dear...because my travel arrangement is a bit late, my Visa application to Japan is pending. La hawla wala quwwata illah billah. Thanks to some very kind Japanese officials who are trying their level best to assist. If all goes well I should be praying in that pretty Tokyo Camii next Friday, 31st January, bi-iznillah.

Japan should let me in because I am her big fan. If they require that I demonstrate my love for the country for them to grant entry, I will gladly do a 5 minute presentation. I have probably eaten enough California rolls, unagi and Salmon sashimi that span the distance between KL and Tokyo. My adoration for Japan is pure and even clearer than their Miso soup...heh...heh.

And you dear readers, if you wish to see some nice photos and stories from the land of sunrise, kindly make du'a for me so that all goes well.

I so look forward to shivering in the cold winter there. Yes, some of you may laugh, but I actually missed winter!

O Tokyo, take me, bismillah.

Three days later:
My excitement about Tokyo trip has been abruptly cut short by some people. It's a shame that people abroad are more supportive than people on home ground. And with a lame excuse at that. One thing for sure, when I am in a higher position in the corporate world, I would not do two things which most of them do i.e. be double standard in my decision and say the f word. Wonder why male bosses like to say the f word! As though, it is a mark of their accomplishment and ranking in the organization. Like they can say it because they are at the top rung of the corporate ladder. Maybe I should write to the relevant Ministry asking them to write a bill to prohibit people from saying the f word at work place and in meetings and consider it as a sexual harassment. Male bosses should know that saying the f word does not in any way add value to their leadership qualities nor does it make them more manly. When will they become mature enough to understand that? For now I just want to say this: Oh what the fish! I'll go to Japan with my own money!


  1. السلام عليك

    I don't know what introduction should be like...

    I'm your brother, from Malaysia... you seems very familir with renown syuyukh in Malaysia and Fathani (Pattani)...

    anyway, where you're from sister...

    الفقير والحقير وكثير ذنوب إلى رب الرحيم
    Muhammmad Afiq

  2. AlaykumSalam,

    Well, speaking of introduction, this post on Japan may not be a good intro of this blog.
    No I am not very familiar with renowned shuyukh in Malaysia/Fathani. I just happened to be in their majlis, listened and wrote what I heard, occasionally.

    (A Malay. A Malaysian)