Monday, January 14, 2013

Siapa di hati ku? | Who is in my heart?


jangan kau persoalkan 
siapa di hati ku
terukir di bintang
tak mungkin hilang 
cintaku padamu...

That's taken from one award winning Malay song.

"My love,
question you not,
who is in my heart
carved in the stars
never will it fade
my love for you..."

Hmm...let's ask ourselves this simple question:
who is in my heart?
And answer truthfully.
But before we do that, here's a true story.

A close friend of mine, a brother I respect and admire, a married man [no his sweet wife is not suspicious of me], a pious gentleman he is, he conducts weekly zikir for a small group in his neighborhood - he shared with me one of his dreams. He is one blessed with many special dreams involving awliya. You know a dream is 1/46th part of prophethood. One of his many dreams which he has been sharing with me was this.

Once he was fishing in a river. Next to him was a renowned tariqa shaykh who died a long time ago. So they both were angling. The shaykh caught a very big fish but my friend caught none. This went on for a while. The shaykh then asked him, "who is it that occupies your heart, young man?" 

My friend replied: "Allah and Rasul." "Fine," said the shaykh so they continued what they were doing and the shaykh kept getting really handsome fish but my friend's effort was futile, so he got very nervous. The shaykh asked again, "who is it that occupies your heart?" Then my friend suddenly burst out, "I love my wife. She has given me my children and she has done a lot for me." The shaykh said, "No wonder! Try again." My friend realized his true state hence purified his intention, until he finally caught one nice fish!

Allahu a'lam.

jangan kau persoalkan 
siapa di hati ku

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