Monday, January 21, 2013

Where do broken hearts go?


I can't believe it. There are so many brokenhearted people out there looking for some healing. A little stats trivia for you: the second highest most-read posting on Lisan al-Din is 'How to heal a broken heart'! Three thousand plus people have read it. Oh well, maybe 1500 people looked twice. Or maybe 1000 peeps looked thrice heh...heh... [Oops, am I rubbing salt into someone's wound?] 

Excuse me.

Now, let me sing to all the brokenhearted men out there. Yes men. "Where do broken hearts go? Can they find their way home. Back to the open arms of a love that's waiting there. And if somebody loves you, won't they always love you..."

Heh...heh...that's a song by the late Whitney Houston, for those of you who are on the pious side, who may not know. And I will admit that I went to her concert in California, a long...time ago.

Anyway...I think it's a good experience to have. To have our heart broken a couple of times and hopefully that would make us turn to God. So over time hopefully we'll realize that we cannot give our heart to someone completely. That it belongs to our Creator. 

One shaykh's often repeated phrase was this [in Malay]: "Harga mahal hati ialah kasih pada Allah." Basically what it means is that your heart is precious and priceless so you should know that it belongs to the one who is worthy of it - Allah. He resides there. The heart is His dwelling place.

Fine, we may be crazily attracted to someone, in love, crushed, infatuated, whatever it may be, but we should be spiritually matured enough to know, whose rightful place the heart is. And I think that's why, out of adab we say and hold the position of "loving someone for the sake of Allah."

But before we become a mature person, He would make us suffer in order to teach us some useful lessons, just so we know who He is. He breaks our heart because that's how He calls us back to Himself.

I quote a tweet by Women of History, yet again:
"You always have a place to run to, always.
The place is God." 

Link to: How to heal a broken heart


  1. Salam kak.
    ain selalu sgt bc entry akak yg tu...bnykkkkk2 kali, sampai ain copy enty akak tu....harap akk tak marah........Entry yg sgt bagus...Salam Jumaat Sayyidul Ayyam utk kak ezza..:)

  2. OPPSS...lupa nk ckp, entry tu jugak yg buat ain jumpa blog lisanaldin ni.... :)

  3. AlaykumSalam,
    Ain sungguh comel lagaknya : )
    Copy lah apa saja yang Ain suka.
    Terima kasih dan salam sayang,
    Kak Ezza