Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bakkah beckons | Mecca's beacons


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah it's always wonderful to hear from people who have just came back from umrah. Heard two versions yesterday. One related his experience from a general public perspective and the other was a young shaykh who had been blessed with several ijazah when he was in the holy cities recently. 

Bakkah beckons, indeed. Bakkah is an ancient name for Mecca/Makkah. Alhamdulillah, coincidentally yesterday, by the blessing of the ever generous Lord, my mother's hajj ticket has been secured in sha Allah. Theoretically speaking we both should be able to make it for hajj this year in sha Allah but God knows better, we shall see if 232 days from today we'll get to stand on the sacred grounds of Arafah bi-iznillah - with the permission of Allah.

A respectable acquaintance of mine, Shaykh Muhammad Allie Khalfe of Cape Town was kind to share his wonderful experience of meeting some of Mecca's spiritual beacons and being granted several ijazah. One of them being ijazah for Iqdul Farid which is a kitab of ijazah which the honorable Almarhum Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki used to grant. MashaAllah tabarakallah when  the guests of Allah  come to Makkah, they usually get to take back special gifts. Allah is the best of reciprocator.

May Allah bless us for having respect and love towards the learned, the pious, the Gnostic of His servants. May Allah let us have the love of those who love Him. Ameen.

S. Muhammad Allie Khalfe with
Sayyid Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Alawi al-Maliki


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