Saturday, February 16, 2013

Have you gotten "an egg"?


I had gotten "an egg" before. That's when I was 16. I got "an egg" for my first Add. Maths quiz! I got a zero, can you believe that? And in school whenever we get a zero: we say "I got an egg". 

Last night, at the weekly class led by Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin al-Hamid, I heard about the rewards for early birds at Jum'ah prayers. It's taken from a hadith by Bukhari and Muslim, that for those who arrive first for the Friday congregational prayers they will be given a camel, next to arrive will get a cow, third to arrive will get a chicken and then those who arrive in the fourth moment/the 4th place, will get an egg. Heh heh...

Sure we all like eggs anyway, so not too bad, I hear you say. And we all have our own preference for eggs - sunny side up, over-easy, half-boiled, hard-boiled [pardon me, it's breakfast time, I am hungry and rambling this Saturday morning].

Anyway, I am sure the guys are very familiar with this hadith. But I wonder how many of you gentlemen out there only got an egg on Fridays? Some of you might have collected dozens of eggs by now eh? No, maybe your car-trunk is already full of eggs?

Heh heh....excuse me for this positive-teasing. Next Friday, aim for a camel and be kind enough to say a prayer for this blogger ; ) Thanks in advance.

Until then, have a pleasant weekend y'all!

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