Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life is a beach (sometimes)

Melaka, Malaysia
12 Feb 2013

"O Allah, let us recognize Your bounties while it is still with us,
and not after we have lost it."
Allahumma 'arifna nikmataka bidawa miha
wala tu'arif ha lana bi zawa liha

Somehow, this du'a from Al-Hikam came to mind as I was sitting on the beach. It's Tuesday morning. It's a rare opportunity to be by the sea on a Tuesday, to have breakfast on the beach - local doughnuts with a twist - coated with brown sugar. That's food for the body Alhamdulillah.

Food for the soul: a du'a by a 66 year old hajjah selling nasi lemak (coconut flavored rice). She said: "You look like someone who'll get to do hajj soon!" Masha Allah, she said that when I chatted with her and asked her to make du'a for me. For her, life is not always "a beach". She woke up at 2 a.m. to prepare nasi lemak

And life is not a beach for Mr. Abu either (bottom pic). I interviewed him while he's waiting to see what Allah has in store for him today. He has been a fisherman since he was 10, masha Allah!  

Abu the fisherman
was a lil disappointed about today's catch

Life is not always "a beach". When it does feel like a beach, we should be grateful and recognize His bounties while the blessings are still there before our eyes. And wait NOT until Allah has taken it away. 

The only place I've found doughnuts coated with brown sugar
is in Melaka, Malaysia 

Alhamdulillah wa shukru lillah for a great day.

This entry has been edited. Excuse me for the rough version posted earlier as I was trying to blog on the run via iPhone and realized later that it didn't appear reader-friendly at all.

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