Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mawlidul Rasul Al-Kubro 1434H at Al Jenderami

Maghrib at Mawlid Al Kubro
inside the Al Jenderami courtyard


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah to be among the thousands who have attended the 2013 grand Mawlid at Al-Jenderami, in Dengkil, Malaysia, yesterday evening.

It's been quite some time since I last visited this heavenly little village. It was wonderful to catch up with its residents and to see how the beautiful complex has expanded and was able to host an even bigger crowd. Alhamdulillah the welcome archway says it all: Haza min fadhli Rabbi.

Al Jenderami is indeed a bounty from the Lord
When we arrived just before zuhur, there were about 10 buses which ferried people from all over the country including Singapore. By the time the majlis ended, as we walked back to our homestay accommodation, the parking area was jam-packed with rows and rows of buses. MashaAllah!

Al Jenderami complex viewed from the West side
Here are some amateurish photos for you while I recuperate before sharing some notes from the tausiyah. I have gotten a little unwell after the majlis. But was fortunate to meet a kiai (religious/learned man) from Indonesia who made some healing water. He had such amazing aura that when I sat next to him I felt so much happiness for no reason, subhanallah!  

The young ones - the lucky bunch who get to grow up at Al Jenderami.
They are well trained in many aspects of a true Islamic community living.
Their peers have been assigned for other tasks like selling satay, smoothies and manning the Co-op store.
These boys were getting ready for the Mawlid marching.

The Al Jenderami community is very well organized in terms of
human resource and volunteer work.
This crew was listening to a briefing by their chief who seemed like a strict disciplinarian.
Waiting to escort the ulama for the Mawlid procession.

To be continued with some notes of the tausiyah by Habib Abdur Rahman from Tarim In sha Allah. He is a student of the venerable Habib Umar bin Hafiz. The shaykh said [as interpreted by Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin] we should make it a habit to recite this du'a 10 times a day as a proof of our concern towards Muslims who are living in tumultuous conditions.

Aslahallah hu umural muslimin
Sarafallahu sharral mu'zin

"May Allah improve the affairs of the Muslimin
and protect them from the evils of troublemakers."

To be continued in a separate posting in sha Allah.

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