Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Airports are one of my favorite places on earth. There's a liberating air about it. It symbolizes power and freedom to simply leave a piece of land behind to go stand on another tract, with God's Will and someone has to pay for it of course. Money aside, flying too, is liberating, it is. 

But today I learned, being an unhealthY Person Travelling Alone is no fun at all. Notice the acronym YPTA - Young Person Travelling Alone? I think an unhealthy person travelling alone deserves the same kind of privilege a YPTA gets. The worst part is when your cough and bad sore throat hinder you from chatting with that interesting looking person who crosses your path. Interestingly enough this person who sat next to me on the plane, queued behind me at the immigration; was behind me at the taxi queue; arrived at the same hotel just after me and queued to check-in right behind me - this strange Mr. Follower, to whom I didn't say a word because I could hardly speak.  

But [another but] I shouldn't complain because the outstanding organization I work for, rewards us well. Alhamdulillah. You may remember an earlier posting about free iPhone 5. Yes. Soon we'll be getting a brand new laptop, each one of us. There are thousands of us. And we are showered with monetary rewards too because it's our 25th anniversary and also because we have done well Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah 100x. So if you were to be a part of such an organization, even if you need to travel when you are woozy, you must press on. 

But this uhealthYPTA gets cranky when the hotel makes her count if there're enough towels in the bathroom! Gosh, like we don't have enough work to do.

Wish you all a productive week ahead - work, work, work.

I remembered Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi during a lecture in KL a couple of years back, said: 
"Your rizq is in the heavens but you must not wait for it. You must go out to seek it and seeking your rizq is not a burden, it's a joy."

: )

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