Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mine and yours | #Stand4Syria


This is what my day looks like...
Layers of a cluttered mind

And this is what I wish for you:

Thanks to Miss B,
a reader from Cape Town 
who came by to say hi 
at the right moment 
when I needed a friend.  
Another proof that Allah knows 
and sends an angel just at the right time.

Let's be angels for Syrians.
Send your prayers, cash or whatever in hand.
If you are on Twitter
help make #Stand4Syria trend.

Syrian crisis going into its 2nd year
don't turn a deaf ear!

Excuse the amateurish artwork. 
First attempt to use art as a therapy 
by one who consistently scored 40/100 for art subject throughout high school. 
The above pieces were created using Smartboard on iPad Mini. 
Like you care. heh..heh.. 
Just an attempt to feel like a pro, like they say "Painted on Acrylic." 
Hah...hah the mind is cluttered, told ya. 
But later today I'll go to Masjid Tuanku Mizan as a servant-reporter. 
Will try to bring back something beneficial to share insha Allah.

- E. Ismail 
Saturday 16 March 2013 @ 9.51 am

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