Saturday, March 9, 2013

Opportunities | "Eye-specialist"


First and foremost, Al-Fatihah for the one and only pearl on the southern isle - Habib Noh al-Habshi. It's his 151st hol celebration today. Unfortunately, no I am not reporting anything from Singapore on that event. If I were there, I would. Maybe next year's hol insha Allah.

I also missed an opportunity to join the Al-Jenderami's wargamas (senior citizen) bus trip to the Mawlid at Ba'alawi Singapore last Thursday. No, am not yet a senior citizen, but I do mingle with quite a few of them Alhamdulillah. It would have been a great experience to travel with those lovely ladies. Maybe next time insha Allah

Another opportunity which keeps knocking [Missy: take it as a sign from the Divine] - an opportunity which I would not want to miss IF possible bi-iznillah, is to buy a piece of land at Al-Jenderami and build a small lovely bungalow, live there at some point in time or turn it into a homestay accommodation for blog readers coming from abroad. When I die, let it become a free guest house for the visiting shuyukh, insha Allah. Whenever there is a big event there like Mawlid Al-Kubra, Ijtima' Ulama or Hol Saidatina Khatijah, I could set up a stall and sell my specialties like lasagna or chicken pita sandwich. Yo brother, look out for my stall!

Kebab stall at Al-Jenderami
Mawlid Al-Kubra 2013
Kebab was very tasty. World class I say!

That would be a great retirement plan don't you think? I am purposely putting it on record here to challenge myself and so that Allah will count it as a good intention and give me 1 point. When the niyyat gets materialized He will give 10 points won't He? Ya Huu! Our Lord is ever so generous!

Hope your Saturday has been good. I am home alone and I've been cleaning the house like mad. Sorry this entry makes me seem like I am an eye-specialist (read I-specialist) I this, I that, which is not a good thing really. Sorry.

Wish you a pleasant weekend. If you are in KL, tomorrow, Sunday do pop in at Masjid Al-Bukhary for a majlis ta'alim. Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin al-Hamid will be giving tausiyah after Maghrib insha Allah.

We just can't get enough of him.
Rabbi zidni 'ilma war zuqni fahma
: )

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