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Shaykh al-Habib Yusuf Muhyiddin Bakhour al-Hassani at Ba'alawi KL - March 2013

"Love is primordial. Love was already in existence 
prior to the manifestation of love of the creations."

- Habib Yusuf Bakhour al-Hassani

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah to be among the fortunate attendees at Ba'alawi KL on the 3rd of March 2013, to listen to Shaykh al-Habib Yusuf Muhyiddin Bakhour al-Hassani. Also present were Shaykh Afeefuddin al-Jailani who shared some amazing true stories about the lovers of Rasulullah [pbuh] and Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki who kindly awarded the audience with ijazah for Qasidah Burdah with sanad muttasil (continuous chain) to its author Imam Busiri. Alhamdulillah.

Al-Habib Yusuf said [as interpreted by one ustaz whose name I didn't catch]:
At this moment we gather here to express joy for our beloved Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam. No matter how great we offer praise to Rasulullah and recite qasidah, no amount of praising could fulfill our obligation to praise the Prophet. This effort of ours is minuscule in the eyes of the Prophet. Allah said to Rasulullah: "You are a mercy (rahmat) and guidance (hidayah)..." What does it mean by mercy? It means pure love which is not tainted with anything. And when we love something/someone, anything that we do in relation to it, is considered a good deed.
Therefore, when we perform ibadah wholeheartedly for the sake of Allah, and sincerely at that, we will get a heavenly reward anyway. We are asked to worship Allah out of love for Him, and not for the love of  rewards. When we worship Allah out of love, He will reward even if we did not ask for it. Allah sends Prophet Muhammad on the grounds of love without us having to ask for it. Because of him salallah alaihi wasalam, the entire universe is completely blessed, not partially. 

Listen O lovers. Know you who are patient with His decree: who can tell me about that love? Consider it. That primordial love [Allah's love for the Prophet] was already in existence even before the love of creations came into being. Love has existed before everything else. There was a time when ar-ruh (the spirits) were bathed in such love without any fear. Love will not exist in a person lest the person is overwhelmed by it. Love is when you surrender yourself to the person you love.  

Rejoice at the mercy of Allah for it is better than anything which you could accumulate. Those who are veiled should pray so that Allah brings him/her out of heedlessness. O you, lovers of Rasulullah, the beloved of Allah: do not engage in debate with those who are veiled. They are veiled due to their own fault/heedlessness.

We are in a happy gathering, making salawat, but there are people who are gathered under grave circumstances. Our brothers in Syria, let's pray so that Allah would save them from calamities, that they would be protected from cruelty. I want to relay an important message. I do not wish to hide it anymore. We the ulama and da'ie, we do not meddle with politics but I must say something about the situation in Syria so that I will not be held accountable for not telling it. The situation in Syria has nothing to do with politics. People have been murdered for their love of ahlul bayt. They have cursed the sahabah and make a mockery of Saidatina A'ishah openly. Do you think by doing that, they have only hurt A'ishah and not her husband - Prophet Muhammad? 

Remember when Abu Bakar came to know about the fitnah made against A'ishah? He went to see the Prophet and asked him to divorce her. But the Prophet refused and when he confronted A'ishah on the matter, asking her to defend herself, A'ishah said: "I will not defend myself. I will wait for defence from Allah." And indeed, an 'ayah came to defend her. A'ishah was a knowledgeable person. She had been trained by the Prophet himself. It has been over 1400 years since this episode took place, now who actually learned from this lesson? Who among us heed this lesson?

I have a question for you. Does khilafah (caliphate) pertain to usuluddin (matters of the religion) or is it for worldly matters? Bear in mind the Prophet's saying: "You know better of the worldly matters." 

The world now is looking at the Muslims. How can we contribute to civilization when we are in argument about what happened 1400 years ago? Women and children are being killed in Syria. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives have been lost and millions more have fled the country. Verily, people in Syria are in need of our du'a. It is our duty to make du'a for their well being. We have learned and benefited from many ulama from Syria and Syria used to flourish with majlis salawat. But now we need to offer prayers for them so that Allah in His mercy would remove their afflictions. [Ameen.]

Allahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any errors and omissions. Will share notes on Shaykh Afeefudin's lecture separately in sha Allah.
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