Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something people care about


"The Make-Up Story" is about the obstacles a 14 year old faced in pursuing his interests and finding his niche. It's about John Crandall who tried and failed to get into a basketball team. It's about a father defending his eldest son and making sure the boy doesn't grow up unnoticed while his younger brother gets the limelight. It may sound petty to you, but a true story written from the heart of a loving father can make one shed a tear. 

John's father, Doug Crandall tried to rationalize - "High school basketball is not combat. High school basketball is not the ER." When John told him: "I want to be good at something people care about," Doug could already see the boy being good at stuff that people care about:  "courage, integrity, empathy..."

Malaysians have been mourning since 1st March 2013. For the first time in decades we have lost several members of our armed forces and police men in a major confrontation with some 200 terrorists in Sabah (North East of Borneo/neighboring the Philippines). 

As at 13th March 2013, ten brave men had fallen while in combat defending this blessed country.

Zulkifli Mamat, 29
Sabaruddin Daud, 46
Ibrahim Lebar, 52
Michael Padel, 36
Abdul Azis Sarikon, 48
Mohd Azrul Tukiran, 27
Baharin Hamit, 49
Salam Tugiran, 42
Ahmad Hurairah Ismail, 24
Ahmad Farhan Ruslan, 21

These men, we can imagine, when they were a boy, must have planted in their hearts the noble intention of wanting to be good at something people care about. Surely, we salute them for their courage and bravery. And certainly, we empathize with their loved ones. May Allah give strength and comfort to their families and friends. 

And we sincerely pray, by Allah's mercy, no more names will be added to this list. And we pray for the safety of their comrades who are still on battleground. May Allah fortify them with His aid and protection. May this bloody crisis comes to an end soon. May this country be free of overt and covert enemies. Ameen.

Al Fatihah

by NST Malaysia

Source: Bernama and Dougcrandall.wordpress

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