Sunday, April 7, 2013

Correcting one's vision


Allah...Allah...I made a second attempt at improving my hajj vision. Don't know if this one will make it to the holy lands. Chances are still blurry despite having these new pair of spectacles. Whatever will be, will be. We shall see.

Because I am foolishly frank, I will tell you that I am feeling mentally and physically exhausted, and somewhat hopeless so I might escape to a maqam and be a qadam there for a day inshaAllah. Hoping to get basirah - the "eyes" of the heart corrected there. We all need to correct our vision every now and then, don't we? When the going gets tough, get in touch with the unseen realm.

Until then, please excuse me. I really need a break. This time you can say: "Kesian....Kak Eza!" [Pity Sis Eza!]

: (

Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir
Rabbi tamim bil khair

O Lord, make it easy, do not make it difficult.
O Lord, make it end well.


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