Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On love, cats and clouds


Heh heh...someone who's very caring seemed very concerned about my status. She has been sending cute little postcards about being single. Heh heh...let's spend the night rambling since I'm all alone in this very cold hotel room in Kuching. But Anuar Zain the charming singer is serenading ;) he's singing Sedetik Lebih (One more moment). Am trying to chill before tomorrow's seriously dry and long meeting, so excuse me. 

Kucing, that's what we call cats in Malay. Kuching is also a name of a small city in East Malaysia (Borneo). I love this city because my late father loved this place. He worked here for a decade long so I heard plenty about it as a bedtime story when I was small. I grew a love for this city a little bit more because my 'first love' was from here, ahah! And I am loving it because the hotel where I am staying does not make me count towels. In fact, they offer a menu of pillows: cotton, contour, feather, lavender etc. And in the cupboard there's a fresh smelling prayer mat (sejadah) wrapped in plastic, neatly hung. That's what we call good customer service. And love, is in the details.

Allah is very detail. He creates unique clouds in each and every moment. There are never two similar clouds anywhere at any given moment. He is always drawing them continuously and not continually, mind you. Moving them about so effortlessly, giving us beautiful skies to look up to and dream. There's a verse in the Quran about Him creating a canopy for us. And what a beautiful canopy above Kuching I saw just now subhanallah.

From Qur'an 2:22

And this card I received today, puts a smile on my face.

Oh, did you know there are 14 ways cats show their love? Yes! And I show my love by being frank in sharing my thoughts here on this space.

- E -
One Monday in Kuching

It's ok Sister P, I am fine. One elderly shaykh once said to me, out of the blue: "In the hereafter, you'll get to choose any one of the shuyukh you fancy!" Hmm...who might it be?

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