Monday, April 8, 2013

Praiser and the One praised


I was going to make a special mention about praise-r as in the kind people who have praised my writing. But Aunt Merriam [Webster] was quick to correct me. The word praiser is actually a noun for praise and does not in any way refer to the person praising something/someone. 

Hah hah...that's another proof I'm not a good writer actually. But still I want to be honest and say that of all the compliments this amateur writer have received, three came from people who are themselves excellent in their respective fields. Coincidentally, they all live near the Queen of England. So they speak and write the Queen's English. Whereas my English is "Manglish" - mangled Malaysian English.

You may recall one lesson from Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki, he said the "praisers" are praising not because we are so good but because Allah is so good in covering up our flaws and faults. That's from Kitab Al-Hikam. How true!

With due respect to the other "praisers" whom I know are all learned and righteous. You are much appreciated. But who are the three people whose words of praise have made me feel extra grateful and thankful? 

One is a consultant surgeon based in London. Young and accomplished. If I could mention just two of his good traits: he's truthful and polite. [Z: may your upcoming umrah benefit you for the longest time.]

One is a specialist doctor based in Oxford, who seems to be adding more and more qualifications on his already impressive CV. If I may mention his plus points: he's tirelessly seeking knowledge in his area of specialization and also religious knowledge, hopping from one majlis zikr to another. [TW: know that I admire you big time, no matter what.]

One is a lawyer based in London. This person is well mannered and is religion-conscious despite the fact that he grew up and has been living in the UK for many years. He is so very well read mashaAllah that he might have to move to a bigger house to accommodate his ever growing book collections. [C: I am amazed at how humble you are!]

We learned from the shuyukh that when we praise someone, we are in fact praising the good attributes which Allah has bestowed upon them, that which Allah has beautifully manifested on them. When we praise someone, we must recognize who is it we are actually praising. On any and all occasions, He is the One praised.

Pray, may Allah cover our shortcomings. And when we say that, said Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki just last week, it's not because we want people to see only the good about us hence ask Allah to hide the bad. We say 'O Allah cover up our faults' meaning do not let us fall into errors; prevent us from falling into vice; block from us opportunities for transgressing.

Ameen. Allahumma ameen.

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  1. "I regard not the outside and the words, I regard the inside and the state of the heart. I look at the heart if it be humble, Though the words may be the reverse of humble. Because the heart is substance and the words accidents". - Rumi