Thursday, April 4, 2013

Radical Middle Way programs in KL | Equality


We are pleased to mention these upcoming events by the Radical Middle Way UK which has recently established its presence in Malaysia:

Love Don't Cost A Thing
Thursday 4th April 2013
8 pm @ KGPA, Bukit Kiara, KL
The Meaning of Equality in Islam
Saturday 6th April 2013
11 am @ Surau/Musolla Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC), KL

A, what could have been a beautiful event, has passed, but here is the poster anyway so you'll have an idea of what kind of programs the RMW organizes.

'My love don't cost a thing' sings J.Lo. It would be interesting to hear from Shaykh Faraz Rabbani about the cost of love, if any.

But I remember, Shaykh Abdul Aziz al-Fattani saying over and over again about the cost of love. If I were to translate it literally: "the price of the heart is costly". It's pricey, said the shaykh, because Allah and none other is supposed to occupy it.

Perhaps Shaykh Faraz would be focusing more on the cost of love in a relationship between two married mortals. Pray someone could share with us his/her takeaways from the event afterwards. I will not be able to attend, unfortunately. Will try to catch the one on Saturday on equality in Islam, InshaAllah.

The subject of equality has always been hot because it's like a long time cultural wrestling of power, about striking a balance of rights or maybe fairness is a better word - between him and her. It's like balancing what's his and what's hers. We all know it's not like just having a bath towel with 'His' and 'Hers' nicely embroidered on it, and she and he would live happily ever after with everything between them clearly spelled out.

Gosh, being single, I should be the last person to say anything about this really.

But I have been reading some interesting articles in the March edition of the Harvard Business Review about equality for women at the workplace especially in leadership roles. I don't think it's that difficult to arrive at the fact that women contribute differently than men because for obvious reasons our strengths and capabilities are different and therefore the corporate world must acknowledge and evaluate a woman's role and success appropriately. This of course after having given women equal opportunities to be the best that they can be. Similarly, at home, the man should provide a healthy, nurturing and fair living environment so that the woman can be the best woman she can be, so she can be like that Lionel Ritchie's song: 'Three times a lady' : )

Equality at home is not so much of an issue for a single lady, obviously. Anyhow, I'd like to share this postcard a thoughtful married woman sent me recently, which might spark another exciting seminar topic. Allahu a'lam.

Alhamdulillah for anything and everything that He has decreed for us.

Credit: A. Civale 

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