Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Status | Singled out


Because I am single, I get plenty of me time. So I can spend time to scribble something in response to some funny and sweet postcards sent to me about being single. People like to single out single persons especially single women, that I conclude from my own experience. But of course people mean well, they just want you to be happy or maybe happier, but that's just a perception. Whatever it is, they and we are pro-sunnah after all.

You may recall a postcard posted a couple of days ago. It says: "Single is not a status. It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on another for their own happiness. They don't need another to validate their own self worth."

I agree, partly. I say, single or otherwise is a status decreed by the Most Clever. It's not good to always depend on another for our own happiness, true. We can all independently decide to be happy or otherwise. And let no one, single or otherwise, be in need of another to validate our self worth.

Most importantly, I think we are all contented with whatever He has decreed for us: single, married, separated, divorced or widowed. If we are not contented, then we should strive to be. As Muslims, we are fortunate because we have the Hereafter where happiness will be eternal regardless of one's status here.

For all the cute postcards about "being single" that have been sent to me, here's my own version : )

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

p/s In case you're wondering why ahh Kak Eza dressed up like that. Well she just got back from her colleague's wedding. She's elated. To show how happy she was for her friend, she dressed up a little.

Pray Allah bless the union of N & Dr. S.


  1. salam syg kak...cantiknya...mcm mana nak pakai tudung cmtu...ajar la ain...heh heh...

  2. Salam ya Nurul Ain ya habibti,
    Sekali-sekala je dik. Dua kali dua kala Kak Eza ni berlemoih kata orang Utara.
    OK mula-mula pakai "snood" atau anak tudung yg tutup leher. Lepas tu, ambil scarf panjang dan lilit macam turban. Tu saja. Tapi baju Kak Eza tu ada hood jadi Ain nampak macam another layer of tudung. Itu saja. Kadang-kadang lilitan tudung ni menjadi, kadang-kadang tidak, ikut mood dan nasib hari tu lah heh heh : )
    But thanks anyway sayang.

  3. Assalamualaikum!

    Thank you for this post, when i read your post card i thought the same to myself, in fact i edited it in my head, tho i agreed with its sentiment on independence and happiness. and now you've edited it too and i dare say its even better! :) keep on writing i enjoy your timely reminders and observations :)

  4. Wa alaykumsalam dear,
    Oh how lovely to hear from you!
    Though virtually, I enjoy having you around, know that.
    Thanks :)