Monday, April 22, 2013

Thinking of you / Will share more later InshaAllah


Assalamualaikum dear friends. Just a quick stop to say Alhamdulillah we managed to complete all five lectures with the highly esteemed Shaykh Dr. Usama Al Azahari last night. He is leaving for Cairo today. Upon granting the audience with ijazah/sanad of Kitab As Syamail Al Muhammadiyah, the humble, unassuming (and good looking) shaykh asked us to pray for his parents, his teachers and all teachers at the Al Azahar University. We stopped at chapter 26 of the Kitab and skipped through to the last chapter on the subject of meeting Rasulullah in dreams. He prayed so that we would all be able to dream of the Prophet someday. We must keep revising the Kitab and continue to make plenty of salawat until we see him salallah alaihi wasalam in our dream. The Kitab is a means for us to see him and be guaranteed of being with Rasulullah in akhira. Shaykh Dr. Usama promised if God wills he will come again and cover the chapters which we had skipped and finish up the entire Kitab with us.

I pray Allah will grant tawfik to share some more notes from the lessons, but not so soon since I am travelling. Meantime, I promise I'll say a prayer for all Lisan al-Din visitors when I visit the maqam of Habib Noh in Singapore tomorrow InshaAllah.

I leave you with this advice Shaykh Dr. Usama Al Azahari gave last night. That the ulama advise students to do these 3 things fast: eat fast, walk fast and write fast. That we must appreciate time and use it wisely. It's related that one scholar actually asked his qadam to read out his book loudly whilst he is in the toilet just so that he doesn't waste time. And this scholar had written numerous Kitab. One Kitab has at least 800 volumes. And for one of his Kitab, Ibn Jauzi had compiled an index which comes in 15 volumes for index alone!

May Allah include us among people who value time and put it to good use for the good of our religion. Ameen.

Though I have not been posting, know that I am always thinking of you : )

As ever,

Writing from JB -  a city in the southernmost state in Peninsula Malaysia.

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