Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cambodia fun facts


It was my first trip to Cambodia, as mentioned before. Here are some more photos, some fun facts and a little trivia.

Our journey to Kampung Cham from Phnom Penh was best described as "infotainment". Our guide Haji Wahid of the Cambodian Mufti Office shared with us some pertinent information about Islam in Cambodia, the country's geography and all kinds of topics in a very entertaining way.  He is quite a character. He took us in his new car which is well equipped with all the phone chargers in the world (LOL), a proper power outlet and even a printer! So I learned there are three types of soil in the country, yellow, red and black.  Rubber, pepper and padi plantation areas lined the roads leading to Kampung Cham (our main travel objective). And I noticed the rubber trees there were slim and slender looking than what we have in Malaysia which is of the Hevea Brasiliensis kind, originating from Brazil. Slim and slender, probably because they are of the French type (LOL).
Next, let's talk about food : )
This is where I had the best char koay teow in a long time. D'Nyonya is a halal restaurant in Phnom Penh owned by a Malaysian. 
Another impressive halal restaurant in Phnom Penh. I especially love the beef murtabak which is a little different than those in Malaysia and Singapore but tasted superb to me.  
Dinner by the Mekong riverside at "Titanic" which serves par excellent halal western food. This place simply stole my heart. 
This caught my attention. Fresh flowers beautifully arranged and sold openly at the Central Market in Phnom Penh. Something I didn't expect to see. You know florists in Malaysia are like a luxury store. You only get to see few baskets of floral arrangement sold in dainty air-conditioned shops. You don't get to see so many pre-arranged flower baskets like these. This colorful sight reminded me of the rows of florists at a market in Barcelona, Spain, but even then they didn't have this many ready-to-go bouquets. I thought to see this in Cambodia, is simply amazing.
"Remembering Cambodia"
On a serious note, one personal lesson I learned during the trip:
You must make the best out of any situations
and try to see the good in any circumstances.

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