Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Half and half | Renewed vision


Hi people. They say we should try to make four good habits each year and if we do that every year we'll achieve quite a lot over the years. What new habits are you trying to pick up? I am trying to say hi to people instead of hello. Hi sounds like the Arabic hayy meaning alive. Hello sounds negative as in hell and low. Oh I wanna wish you something a whole lot better than that and wholeheartedly, not half hearted. If you love someone, always love wholeheartedly. Never give only half of you. 

But sometimes in life we'll have to make do with only half. 

"Half and half" - for those who are familiar, those who have been to the States, you will know that "half and half" refers to a popular dairy product that accompanies coffee. It is made of 1 part cream and 1 part milk. In other countries "half and half" may be equal parts of any two substances, usually alcoholic.

Today is my third day after having undergone LASIK (laser eye surgery) and I am still reflecting on this important milestone. To recap, for blended vision (people who can't see far and near clearly) one of the eyes will be corrected for shortsighted, that is to make you see far. The other eye will be corrected so that you can see near i.e. read.

Both eyes need to make some compromises and agree to give and take. If both eyes are stubborn and refuse to change/adjust/be corrected then none will benefit. So my right eye has to play its new role of seeing far only while the left eye has a compromised role of seeing near only. But together they function in harmony to see both far and near. Though obvious, my doctor reminded me not to ever see with one eye. It will take some time to get used to this new way of looking at things but before long I will see things with a renewed vision InshaAllah.
I think the same applies to relationship or life in general. There must be a compromised position. Everyone must know their strengths and weaknesses; agree to play a role in their area of strength and work in tandem, harmoniously. It's a team work and we are such a big team, aren't we? 

It may sound philosophical. Sound like a theorized cliche even. But I guess when you are impacted physically, you would understand better. You will just have to work it out or let things work out as it should be. That is if you can't do it yourself, you must be willing to let someone do it for you.

I love this tweet by my girlfriend:
"Life is already complicated without arguing if the glass is half full or half empty. Just drink it. Celebrate life. Get refills if you can."



  1. Im 50+ and has been using glasses since std 4.I have no intention of doing lasic ,its better for me to save the money and do lasic to my son who is now std 4.What do u think. Money constrain of cause.

  2. Salam Awid:
    You are a good father, no doubt.
    You may want to wait until your son is older, maybe in his late teens. Anyway, do read up Prof Muhaya's facebook on lasik. You might get a better idea from there.
    Allah is Kareem, He will provide from sources which we least expect, that's often the case. InshaAllah.

    Thanks for visiting this blog.