Sunday, August 25, 2013

Insha Allah | Under His watchful eyes


Some things are absolutely worth re-reading, re-visiting or listening repeatedly, like this song by Maher Zain.

Let it be here especially for my own consumption. It came as a timely reminder from one of our respectable readers. It will be my theme song as I prepare myself for a minor surgery Insha Allah. Minor but major in many aspects.

May Allah erase the sins the eyes have committed knowingly or otherwise. May we only see all that is permissible. May we see His beauties in attributes and actions. May He open the eyes of our hearts so we see His most noble Countenance. May we taste the sweetness of recognizing and witnessing His Face. May the eyes cry out of contemplation on Him. May it be moistened with tears of remorse at times of transgression. May it be watery with tears of happiness for His blessings. May it be in these states of zikir continually Insha Allah.

Let these be our niyyat and may Allah count our niyyat as acceptable for we know how easily marred our actions can turn out to be.
In Allah we place our trust. Insha Allah.

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