Sunday, September 15, 2013

Habib Munzir Al Musawa has passed on to the realm of barzakh


Innalillah wa inna ilai hirajiun.

We learned about this sad news from a brother in Singapore whose heart is brimmed with respect and love for the habaib.

We also learned from the news that the honorable habib has passed on to the realm of barzakh due to a prolonged illness. Never mind his physique which failed him at a relatively young age - 40. Habib Munzir would be remembered by many as a man whose heart had been enlivened by zikrullah; whose mind had been lighted by makrifatullah; whose limbs and tongue had all been of service to the deen. Imagine how many souls have benefited from his presence alone. MashaAllah.

The posting below was an outcome of my first and last time being in his majlis. We all have learned about the importance of the tasbih - subhanallah wa bihamdih subhanallah al-Azeem. But on a personal level, since the time I heard it from his nur-laden tausiyah, I have been reciting the tasbih while acknowledging that it's him who impressed it on the heart. May Allah reward Habib Munzir Al-Musawa for the beneficial knowledge we learned and practice on account of his speech.

May Allah forgive us and count us as one who loves those who love Him and remember Him plenty. Allah knows best the maqam of His chosen servants. 


Lisan al-Din posting on Habib Munzir:

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