Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh Ya Mutaal | Elevate


Oh oh's Sunday. Sometimes, things are going your way, going forward but somehow you just want to take a back seat, retire in the background for a bit. I remember being described as 'someone with a retiring nature'. Actually yes being recluse can be so much fun.

Oh by the way, I am told, if you are a woman and having your menses, it's good to call upon Allah Ya Mutaal. I think that makes sense because when your hormones bring you down, you would need a picker-upper and who best to elevate you, if not Allah Al Mutaal - the Exalted, the Highest. He is ever up there so it gives you a sense of perspective of your nature as a servant being down here. And because we are weak we have our down times.

Sometimes down time is good because then you are in touch with your true self. You become more sane than when things look so "happening" that you become high and lose your sight or even lose your balance. So as a person and as a woman I think down time is good as it helps restore your equilibrium in a way. In other words, it keeps you grounded.

A Libran is especially good at weighing things and striking a balance. God makes them come to the world in Autumn for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Though I wonder what is the reason for this nonsensical rambling. Maybe because it's Sunday so we let our hair down. To let one's hair down, according to the Urban Dictionary means "To leave behind one's inhibitions or to behave in a way that is free from social limitations or any code of conduct."

I think writers should always let their hair down, that is to write in a free or uninhibited manner. Because if they don't then they won't enjoy one of the main benefits of writing which is to release oneself from bottled up thoughts and emotions. Then writing won't be as therapeutic anymore. They won't get the good ol' endorphins out of writing.

Oh I feel better already. Thank you people for being my sounding board. Actually, the best part of writing is having a default sounding board and it need not be a real person if you get what I mean.

Back in 1961, Susan Sontag wrote in her diary, I quote from Brain Pickings:
"The writer must be four people:
1. The nut, the obsede [obsessed]
2. The moron
3. The stylist
4. The critic

No. 1 supplies the material. No. 2 lets it out. No. 3 is taste and No. 4 is intelligence. A great writer has all four. But you can still be a good writer with only 1 and 2. They are most important."

- A nutty blogger who lets it out.

Praise be to God who elevates.
The wealthiest of men may buy his girl this and that, but he can't buy her the joy of writing.
: D

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