Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can't have your cake and eat it too | The best of both worlds?


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah it's Sunday.

Alhamdulillah for trusted and loyal friends. Heard/read somewhere that rizq or provision does not only pertain to food. Good friends are good provisions too. We cannot consider someone a good friend if the friendship had not been tested. We cannot compare a friendship of 10 years to that of 5 months. Likewise marriage. But yesterday, though I shouldn't have been surprised, was surprised to hear that a marriage of 20 over years can end. And a marriage of 30 over years can rock like a hurricane. None can escape the challenges of this temporary world.
Thank Allah for trusted and loyal friends whom we can turn to when the "friend" we are supposed to be attached to for life somehow become a lil unfriendly. Lucky are those whose spouse end up being a life-long trusted and loyal friend. But the hard fact is that you will never know that until you cross the final bend.
I think if we can truly accept the fact that we can't have the cake and eat it too, then we will not be too disappointed. How can we have the best of both worlds when this world is meant as a testbed and the next world is the only place where we can hope for the best above all worlds.
At dawn today, it dawned upon me as I was browsing the meanings of Surah Waqiah that even at the moment of utmost frustration i.e. when losing someone dear to us at death, we may be sad but we cannot be frustrated. Do we dare think we deserve to be frustrated when Allah says He cannot be frustrated about taking His servant back? His planning must come to pass. It cannot not happen at the appointed time. 
May Allah grant us patience when He takes away our loved ones at death. May Allah grant us patience when He takes away the people/thing we think we love and own, under whatever circumstances. Innalillah wa inna ilai hiraji'un
That's strawberry short cake, in case you're wondering.
No, can't have it and eat it too.

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