Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fifty - Fifty


200 - 50 = 150
150 + 50 = 200

For my own record, there's 50 more postings to go to meet the year's KPI. Pray Allah lets us live for another 50 days and more - if in His knowledge, living would be better for us. 

If we could have 50 items on our bucket list i.e. the things we want to do before our expiry date. That's quite a long list, 50. What about the good things I should be doing in the next 50 days? Or 50 positive things to ramble?

A girlfriend wrote this on her FB and I completely agree with her: "when someone writes about something good, that does not necessarily mean he/she is showing off to people that he/she is good. He/she is only trying to be/do good. This world is not like a competition either you lose or I win. It's just a transit before the next world where we will be judged. At the very least he/she is not writing about something negative. Let's use the social media platform to write something positive."

Some people commented: "You look aleem (pious) but actually you're a hypocrate." [sic]. 

Sir/Madam, by the way, the correct spelling is hypocrite.

What's the adab to answer that? Not that we need to answer/defend ourselves all the time. 

I pray if indeed what you say about me is true, may Allah forgive me. I am just trying to busy myself replacing my bad deeds with some better deeds. Obviously, I should work harder. It's like trying to do 20 positives to replace 80 negatives until hopefully all negatives will be cancelled out. I don't think the Pareto principle, the 80-20 rule works in this regard. But then I learned from one of my earliest guides that we are not going to heaven based on the number of good deeds we do, as we know not of its quality. It's all entirely up to God's mercy. So between you and I, we both have a fifty-fifty chance. 

Let's seek refuge in Allah, that His wrath towards us does not surpass His mercy. And thank Him that He doesn't judge us by our aleem or not-aleem looks. We all know the hadith: "Verily Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather He looks at your hearts and actions."

And surely, Allah is the rightful Judge of hearts and actions. Not mortals.

May Allah forgive us all.

 Pic credit: Su

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