Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make people feel good about themselves. - Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks


Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks will be one of four key speakers at this year's 'Sacred Path of Love' event to be held in Singapore on 21st and 22nd December, InshaAllah. This event is the 4th much anticipated annual gathering organized by the Sout Ilaahi Group of Singapore.

In this short video recorded in 2005, Shaykh Abdul Aziz mentioned the manners and approach taken by some of the solehin when calling people to the deen. The shaykh mentioned Hatim al-Asam who had for 20 years pretended to be deaf so that a woman upon whom he wanted to tarbiyah (guide), felt good about herself. Shaykh Abdul Aziz said, one major lesson we should learn from Hatim is: make people feel good about themselves. 

From Hatim we should also learn that we do not need plenty of knowledge. Suffice that we benefit from the little that we know, specifically eight lessons as narrated in Imam Al-Ghazalli's 'Oh My Dear Son':
  • the best beloved is good works for it can accompany you inside the grave and console you, not the kind of beloved who can only accompany you to the graveyard and then leave.
  • combat desires of the soul and enjoy obedience to Allah instead.
  • give away worldly possessions.
  • seek dignity through righteousness, not through wealth and large clans.
  • it is Allah who divides people's livelihood, so no need to be envious of others.
  • enmity with Satan is the only enmity permissible, not enmity with people.
  • livelihood is guaranteed by Allah, so there's no need to chase and overwork, but to engage in worship.
  • have full trust in Allah as the best disposer of affairs and not rely on people/trade/properties.

To learn more about Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks and the other notable speakers who will be presenting at the 2013 Sacred Path of Love event, click here:

Credit: Sout Ilaahi Group

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