Monday, October 28, 2013

O God, help me___


O God, help me ramble LOL. Because my target is to hit at least 200 postings a year and it's almost November, I am panicking, OMG. Writing on this space is strange. Oftentimes a piece seems insignificant to me but there are people who would somehow appreciate it mashaAllah. Bottom line is, it is God who moves our heart and make it incline towards or shy away from something. I think that's why they say, dance like nobody's watching. Likewise writing. But, I think I'm mastering the art of writing with the enemy watching LOL. Believe me, he/she is out there. On the other extreme, a loyal reader wants to publish this blog in a book format. They say in Malay "shok sendiri".  
Pardon me, it must be some hormonal imbalance somewhere and you just have loads of extra free time to while away. Besides, who can resist knocking, albeit carelessly, a new lappy. Alhamdulillah washukrulillah. People, I highly recommend Dell Inspiron 17. It's very heavy but it's meant for serious heavy duty work. It doesn't really matter if you hit your yearly blogging KPI with it or not. You'll just love it.
Oh this is getting more insane.
O God, help me__.
Think about it? What do we really need to ask God for? Let's get serious. [My mother asking "are you not working on Al-Din?" yeah what  a timely reminder.]
What I want to ask God is this:
O God, help me stay truthful to You and to myself.
O God, help me think well of You and be hopeful of what You are capable of doing with me and for me. It does not matter if a 100 people lie to me as long as I keep trusting You, that You surely will not disappoint me. Thank You, Allah.
Alhamdullillah we have a Lord unto whom we may prostrate and ask and ask and ask and He never tires. Unlike the mortals, at some point in time, they will get tired of our antics. We may love them like crazy but sooner or later, they will leave us. So for obvious reasons, we ought to depend on the eternal and the immortal.
O God, help me fill in the blanks.

p/s Don't have a relevant picture for this merepek (nonsensical) rambling except for this photo. I love this plant the fact that it comes from Batu Pahat, Malaysia. Because it reminds me of an abid and areef, the late Habib Ali bin Jaafar al-Idrus. May by his barakah, Allah knocks some sense in our head. Ameen.

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