Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One's Brain | Four Hearts


Sorry, can't resist having an annual brain show here LOL. Just had my brain scanned today. It looks as good as last year LOL. Alhamdulillah.

Posting/brain pic from 2012, if you care:

And 2013:

Didn't realize the brain is kinda sexy an organ. Sexier than a gall bladder heh heh. Anyway, hope you'd feel safer reading this blog, knowing that the writer is not mental. At least she cares to report her mental health once a year LOL. Nay just kidding, I won't bore you with this brain story next year, promise.

What's more important is I learned about humility from my dearest consultant neurologist who thought, unlike him, some other doctors were "proper doctors" just because they're not as talkative and laidback as he. His name is Abu Salim. I think that explains it. People see him so that they can have a sound mind - aqli salim. You know we are asked to pray so that we meet our Lord with qalbun salim - a sound heart.

Soundness of mind and heart is key. Spiritual-wise I'm not sure how many kinds of mind there are. Perhaps two, either murky or bright.

From the book 'Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet - Hadith with Commentaries by Saints & Sages of Islam' on page 59, we can learn about four types of heart: naked, locked, inverted or divided.

"Narrated Abu Said al-Khudri: 'There are four types of hearts:
- the naked (ajrad) heart in which there is a light similar to a lantern which illuminates; 
- the heart which is locked (aghlaf) in an envelope;
- the inverted (mankus) heart;
- and the divided heart (musfah).

The naked heart is that of the believer and the lantern therein is its light [from God]; the locked heart is that of the non-believer; the inverted heart is that of the hypocrite who knows but refuses [the truth]; the divided heart is that in which there is part faith and part hypocrisy. The part of faith  therein is comparable to a good plantation irrigated by pure water; and the part of hypocrisy therein is comparable to a wound washed by both pus and blood. The stronger of these two tendencies will dominate the heart."
Quoted by Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Authenticated hadith.

Hmm...let's pray for a naked heart. Ameen.
Publisher credit: Fons Vitae

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