Saturday, November 23, 2013

Go on, press on!


I wanna laugh.
Yes, "words can't bring me down" sings Christina Aguilera.
This is posting number 170.
My first self-help book was 'The Magic of Thinking Big.'
Been thinking big 'bout targets.
Am pressing on for 200 posts. God willing.
Small or big is relative.
Just a sentence a day, that's all it takes.
He is watching.
Verily He knows everything.
About people who have been trying to break me.
Who fooled me.
Heh heh....thank you.
Nothing can bring me down without His permission.
Am pressing on, can't you see?

"What a beautiful Lord, you don't have to wait for the doors of the place of worship to open. You don't have to ring a bell to wake up the Lord. You just mention Him, He is there."

Oh yeah, Allahu mai'e
Allah is with me.
So, am telling ma-self, go on, press on!
So, don't you bring me down, today!

Quote credit: Sis N

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