Monday, November 11, 2013

If I ain't got You


"Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power
Some people live just to play the game

Some people think
That the physical things
Define what's within
And I've been there before
That life's a bore
So full of the superficial

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't YOU
If I ain't got YOU

Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got YOU

Some people search for a fountain
Promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them

Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be...."

Hmmm....that's a beautiful song by Alicia Keys. It's so true in relation to the Lord, if taken in the right context.

Sometimes we need to stop not to smell the roses but to ask what do we live for? Who do we live for? I'd be lying if I didn't confess that I live for my mother. If she's not here today, I will have to seriously ask the question what do I want to live for? I am sure you too have that someone around whom your life revolves. The best part about having a mother is that people can hit you a thousand times, but it matters not because that one healing potion is there. That healing touch is always there to comfort you. You bank on her prayers. Her prayers can take you very far. Very far.

We can never thank Allah enough for our mother, can we?

Nothing in this whole wide world mean a thing. If I ain't got her.

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