Sunday, November 3, 2013

The missing red dot/headgear | Happy Diwali


Astaghfirullah. I stupidly blundered at a local market today (Saturday). Was with mom buying veges. We bought a few items from several lady vege-vendors. What's with the males? When did it become a female-only profession?

Anyway, we stopped by one Indian looking lady vendor. I was impressed that she demonstrated good adab during her transaction with my mother. She said the aqad i.e. she said "I sell". Only Muslim vendors would do that. She spoke with a heavy Indian accent. Then I remembered today is Deepavali, a day of celebration for our Hindu friends. So I asked, "are you not celebrating Deepavali?" She replied smiling: "I celebrate Raya (Eid)!"

Ahh...then I noticed she didn't have a red dot on her forehead i.e the bindi/pottu. Married Indian women would usually have it. My jaw dropped. "MashaAllah, you are Muslim", I said blushing. My mother quickly apologized on my behalf. Urghhh...such an awkward situation. Two wrongs there. One for assuming she's a Hindu and two why on earth was I looking for a red dot, assuming she's married? It might be black, if she's a widow. Or she could be single and not have a bindi.

Anyhow, I wish our Indian/Hindu friends Happy Diwali. May your family be showered with lights of joy :)
Please stick to your traditions, use the bindi etc. so that we know.

Let's pray Allah will grant hidayah and tawfik to that Indian-Muslim lady vege-vendor. May she'll be inspired to put on a suitable headgear. May Allah make us all a better Muslim zahir and batin. May Allah forgive my big mouth. 

Happy Diwali

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