Wednesday, December 11, 2013

United hearts | The joy of being remembered


Some readers of this blog, their hearts are so pure and full of love, they may be regarded as wali junior :)

At Masjid Muadz bin Jabal, during the recent majlis with Habib Umar bin Hafiz, as expected the masjid was jam-packed with people. Yet some souls were destined to meet. It was as though I was guided to change seats, not once but three times just so that I could sit next to one reader whom I love and respect. By chance? No, it's fated. Guided rather because our hearts are united. Subhanallah. Apparently a prayer had been said so we could meet. And we didn't have each other's phone number mind you. Then came another reader/friend whom I appreciate, joining us from nowhere, mashaAllah.

Sometimes in life we only need to experience simple miracles like this to make us more grateful and to seal our beliefs that Allah is caring and watching, that He hears even the faintest of the heart's whispering and He answers. Subhan is Allah.

We may be living hundreds or thousands of miles apart but without a doubt our common love for all things good unite us. While waiting for the majlis to begin, another pure heart sent a wonderful news and lovely photos from a dergah in South Africa. Subhanallah.

I have been going through quite a rough time lately BUT, warm messages and gestures from people who are blessed with the lights of love in their hearts, have touched and healed me in a very special way. It's sheer joy and blessings to be remembered. Let me repeat that. It's sheer joy and blessings to be remembered.

And it makes me eternally grateful when someone visits beautiful and sacred maqams like the Prophet's maqam, Jalaludin Rumi's, Habib Noh's and Shaykh Sulaiman Mohammed's - and tell me they have me in their thoughts. MashaAllah tabarakallah. May Allah bless their hearts with even more pristine lights of love and iman. Ameen.

O lovely friends [you know who you are] I love you too - for the sake of Allah. And surely you are remembered and cherished!


Al- Fatihah to Shaykh Sulaiman Mohammed
May we get to visit you someday bi-iznillah.

Pic credit: Sister N

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