Saturday, January 25, 2014

Been busy | Miss ya!


Quoting from a casual interview with the blogger at home, today.

Q: What is your message to your reader?

A: LOL. I am sorry I have not been blogging. To be honest, we are saving some contents for new media. And thank you. I look up to the readers. They are more knowledgeable and pious than me.

It's 25th Jan 2014.
It's been eleven days and fifteen hours since we met here. Heh you care. Anyways, Alhamdulillah, just got back from a Mawlid where Habib Mahdi Al Hamid gave a tausiyah. 
Will share soon InshaAllah.

For the time being, pray the barakah from the majlis zikr will spread on to you.
Have a happy weekend y'all.


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