Friday, January 3, 2014

Inhale love and exhale gratitude -- equally


Many of the important lessons in life and lessons about life are simple and obvious, yet we just need to hear it from the experts, for them to knock on our heads.

We heard from Shaykh Ninowy about the importance of inhaling love and exhaling gratitude. We also heard the learned saying: we are not grateful enough, so that could be the reasons why our pleas are not being granted. 

Today I heard from the experts that I wasn't exhaling enough. Yes funny as it may sound, we must heed the words of qualified physicians because they speak based on reports of clinical evidence. A simple blowing test I took showed that this faqir was not exhaling as much as she inhaled. LOL. "Ideally if we inhale a 100, then we should exhale a 100" said the doctor. FYI, the passing mark for blowing test is 85%. Yes, this new year, why not go for a blowing test. LOL.

The doc also said, if you scored 83% [that's me], that's like having 17 parts of your lungs occupied by carbon dioxide. Imagine having 17 strangers occupying 17 slots in our rib cage all the time, simply because we're not letting them out. Hmm...must try harder.  

If we may relate that to what Shaykh Ninowy said about inhaling love and exhaling gratitude, it proves that I for one, am not grateful enough. The amount is lopsided. Not good. Not exhaling gratitude enough. Many a time, what is in the unseen realm gets manifested in the seen realm, sooner or later. 

Said Shaykh Ninowy at the Sacred Path of Love event 2013

Jumaah Mubarrak!


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