Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Be fabulous | Be spiritual | Be rich


O my Gosh, what's with Feb-brew-worry? It is the shortest month of the year and it feels insanely short and I am short on posting. It ain't looking good.

What's brewing at your end this end of Feb? Hope it's feb-ulous for you. I am feeling fab tonight, reading 'Zero to Zillionaire' by Chellie Campbell.

Chellie is so right in saying "You wear your thoughts like you wear clothes. Your thinking shows up on your face and in your body language and in your energy. You are projecting joy, success and prosperity or you are projecting misery, failure and poverty. People can see it and they can feel it."

It's time to reflect. Time to look inwardly and evaluate ourselves. We are in the business of evaluating ourselves and not others. Yes there is a profession called property valuer but not people-valuer, unless you insist on becoming one, that's none of my business.

The book by Chellie Campbell suggests writing an autobiography in two versions - one from "zero perspective" detailing all the ugly bits of your life, and the other one from "zillionaire perspective" highlighting all the great stuffs you have achieved. It's really about counting our blessings.

And as we do that, as Muslims, we should be happy and grateful so He will grant us more, more and more, He the ultimate rich God, way beyond a zillion, surely.

Oh by the way, the du'a which a dear reader/sister, Dr. P taught me was a verse from Surah Sad:
Inna haazaa lariz ghuna maa lahu min nafa din 

Recite 33 times after each prayer and you are on your way to becoming rich, bi-iznillah.

And think of Saidina Uthman ibn Affan radhiallahu anhu. Be spiritual and be rich. Be both. For it's not mutually exclusive.

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