Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Ends | End of chapter?


"And the Sky is Not the Limit" is one of 18 new books which lined atop a chest of drawers in my room. If not for a couple of book ends, they would fall off the edge. Temporal space has limits. Yes, the sky seems limitless, but then anything that is created has limits -- all things cre-ated that is. The Cre-ator, of course, is limitless. 

We learn from "He who taught by way of the pen" that nothing could contain Him, save a believing heart. It's got to be a space so vast - the heart. In that little secret space so private to each one of us, we flip so many pages of "written" words which make up pages after pages, which in turn make up books after books of life's episodes. We are in for the long haul. Well, if we are in that frame of mind, then a nasty page or a nasty chapter should not bother us too much.

I favorited this tweet by Women of History: "The story of your life has many chapters. One bad chapter doesn't mean it's the end of the book."

If we were to dive deeper in our hearts, we'll come to grips with the true meaning of it being vast enough to contain Him. And therefore His af'al (actions) upon us. So vast is the heart that it can accommodate many books on life that we don't even need book ends. Even if or when we arrive at the last page of the last chapter, or the last word of the last line of the last chapter, His Words upon us shall resume in the other realm. Glory be to Allah, our Maker who makes us experience life and death. Glory be to Allah who teaches us about eternity, a real life to which we shall wake up to after having experienced "death". Glory be to Allah who lets a believer see how the Book of Life really has no such thing as a final chapter, that there is no end to the book, that is if we believe in His Book, in the first place.

So what, if the chapter you are now at, seems like one bad chapter?
A passionate reader will read on. A real believer will continue flipping the pages and move on.

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