Thursday, February 6, 2014

Climbing Faith


Sometimes we do things against our normal logic. Sometimes we don't have the time to think. Sometimes if we were to pause and weigh the "ifs" and "if-nots" we might just back off from what otherwise might have been a good experience. Sometimes our default rationale faculty gets overruled by an invisible "upper hand" - the Lord of Power. 

So faith, Alhamdulillah, took my two loyal companions and I up a shaky scaffolding to the rooftop of a beautiful mosque in the city. 

Only when we got down did I think of what could have gone wrong. The long skirt underneath my jubbah might not have cooperated. I could have fallen, head down, nauzubillah. But sometimes the Almighty switch our destiny from something worse to a not-too-bad one, out of His mercy.

God bless and protect everyone who needs to maneuver scaffolding on a daily basis. It's risky business. But every business requires some kind of faith and sometimes we just have to make a leap of faith and let God play His part.  Praise be to Him for even if we did not let go and let God play His part, He is ever so watchful  - "slumber seizes Him not, nor sleep." Laa tak khuzuhu sinatun wala naum.    

And this mortal had to sleep for hours and hours in order to recover from body-ache, on account of the climb. LOL.
Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

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