Monday, February 24, 2014

Think and act macro as did Ahmad Ammar (1993 - 2013)


We all know the meaning of Ahmad. Some of us roughly understood the meaning of Ammar. A more detail description of Ammar as defined by Quranicnames is: "Life and alive. Virtuous, pious, God-fearing and devoted to God."
Having read the book seen in below poster about Ahmad Ammar (1993 - 2013), I am convinced this young Malaysian had truly lived up to his name. He grew up and died a useful pious man as intended by his proud parents.

I never knew about him until my 18 year old niece showed me the book she bought just last night. The book eulogized Ahmad Ammar fittingly, although prior to his demise he was not that well known a person. But Allah honors whomever He chooses and sometimes make known His chosen servant posthumously. 

Ammar died in a road accident in Turkey, where he was studying history of the Ottoman as preparation for a big goal carefully planned by his visionary father - former president of the Islamic Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM). Ammar's death had inadvertently publicized his good works and akhlak. Apparently this young man had been living an extraordinary life dedicating most of his precious youth doing volunteer works for the ummah in Turkey, Syria and Cambodia among others. He had also been living a devout life, continually memorizing the Quran and spending his time thinking and acting on a macro level, whereas many people his age are going to concerts, dating, killing time at cafes, reading love novels, thinking and doing selfish micro stuffs.

Ahmad Ammar, a student at the Marmara University in Turkey, was also a student of Hoca Said Nuri of the Hayrat Vakfi institution where students are being groomed to live the teachings of Risalah-i-Nur as propagated by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (d 1960). Ammar who died on 2nd of November 2013, at the age of 20, was recently posthumously named Tokoh Maal Hijrah of Malaysia - a special award for people who make a difference for Islam and the ummah.

The book Cerita Cinta Ahmad Ammar [Ahmad Ammar's Love Story] is published by Karangkraf. His love story is nothing like the love story of most other youths. His love story relates to his love affair with doing something on a macro level for the religion. His father Haji Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman and his mother Nur Azlina Abdul Aziz are a couple who themselves perform plenty of good deeds for the ummah. His parents had intended their only son to serve the deen, and well indeed Ammar did. 

Ahmad Ammar is the first foreigner who has been given the honor to be buried at Eyub Sultan, a distinctive burial place in Istanbul. He now "lives" with other big time Islamic activists such as Abu Ayub Al Ansari, some 60 sahabah of the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam, awliya and heroes of the Uthmaniyah/Ottoman empire. He actually joined his notable neighbors at Eyub Sultan on the 1st of Muharram 1435 Hijri.

Ahmad Ammar has clearly been granted husnul khatimah and made a praiseworthy hijrah to the eternal realm - something that we all should keep praying for.

Al Fatihah to Ahmad Ammar and other prominent residents of Eyub Sultan.

Credit: Hanis Eizzati for buying the book and thus introducing me to Ahmad Ammar.

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