Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hazy | Grey | Blue | Purple


Before | Haze

When love is in the air, the skies seem blue. When haze is in the air, the "in" color is grey. When the heart is clear, one is unfazed. When the mind is cluttered, all the thoughts seem to dwell in grey areas. When the heart is feeling blue, you wish people would just steer clear.

That's the most recent before and after photo of KL for you - haze and no haze. No one likes it when it's hazy because it's unhealthy. And no one likes it when the situations surrounding the missing plane MH 370 remains hazy. A week has gone by and everyone's mind is still clouded as to what actually happened and is happening. We all want a closure. Better still, a happy ending.

Did you know the color chosen for 2014 is 'radiant orchid'? Pantone the "color authority" has chosen a purplish color for this year. Radiant orchid is purplish. It's like say... two shades brighter than the purple you see on this blog. 

Colors are a gift from God. It's what makes a thing radiant. And surely we all have our own favorite colors. But when grey colors the air, it can't be one of our favorite days.

Pray Allah manifest His Jamal attributes and color our lives with beautiful hues. Pray He grants us sabr in accepting the color of His choosing, be it black, grey, blue or purple or anything from His eternal palette of Divine Will.

Subhan is Allah. Subhanallah.

After | No haze
Pic credit: BP

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