Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reality junction


In life, we wander here, we venture there, we stroll along that route, we walk on this path and we walk on that road -  here and there, this and that - all offering us different sceneries and giving us colorful experiences. At some point, we pause to smell the roses, at times we stop momentarily to take a breather. When we come to a junction, we will have to consider the options. Which way shall we take? 

Junctions often serve as a reality check where we take stock of what we have collected along the way and weigh the consequences of the next move. Choosing a route out of a fork, choosing the third exit or going 12 o'clock, all will present different branching of fate.

Today, an old friend is flying west, leaving for umrah, so I packed some of my "petitions" in his luggage. Am a prayer beggar. We all are, aren't we? 

If life is but one straight road, we may not be so needy for prayers. But life offers us numerous reality junctions where we need help on direction before we can step forward. 

"If you don't step forward, you will always remain in the same place." 
- Women of History.

Life is such that we must always step forward. As said Shaykh Ninowy, at the Sacred Path of Love conference, in response to some people who related their ugly marital experience, "if you are going to keep looking back, you are not going to get anywhere."

In the road called relationship if you happen to collect too many lies and tricks along the way, you would want to speed up to a junction, drop those "bad potatoes" and quickly decide on a new route and look ahead.

May Allah guide us to a good decision and land us on a not-too-winding a road, with some lovely vista to cherish. 

O Ya Hadi, Ya Wadud.

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