Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thank God for good companions with good characters


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, thank God for good companions.

After our meeting, my mother had this to say about this friend of mine: "MashaAllah, she speaks in a gentle tone and so polite!" That's good character, indeed.

I pray Allah will have mercy and let me enter the Heavens so that I could be a neighbor to this one good companion and all other good companions with good characters I have met and will meet bi-iznillah; though He may not find me worthy to enter the Heavens.

I bank on the promise as narrated in a hadith of Rasulullah salallah alaihi wasalam that when two people love each other for the sake of Allah, meeting for that reason and parting for that reason, they will be granted shade on the day when there is no shade but Allah's. I bank on this as I am lacking of many other good deeds.

And praise be to Allah, the meeting was so that I may enjoy these generous gifts from some big-hearted people. Subhanallah so proclaim the bounties of your Lord!

The book 'Islam - The Religion of Peace' being selected speeches of Cheikh Tidiane Ali Cisse is the "first-born" of a publisher based in Singapore - Light of Eminence. Mabruk! The publisher is associated with the reputable Sacred Path of Love annual event in Singapore. The CDs are produced by Sout Ilaahi Group and may be purchased via 

Below is an excerpt from a section in the said book entitled 'Good Companionship and Character in Islam':
The Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam said: 'I am the guarantor of a house in the heights of Paradise built for the one who beautifies his character.' And he salallah alaihi wasalam said: 'The  most beloved of you to me and the one who will sit closest to me on the Day of Judgment, is one with the best of character.' And he salallah alaihi wasalam said: 'There is nothing heavier than good character in the weighing of a believer on the Day of Judgment, for surely Allah hates the abominable and the obscene.'   

May Allah pardon us and beautify our characters. Ameen.

Jazakallah WF. 

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