Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forenoon in Sharjah | Duha in KL


Wad duha wal laili iza saja...

"By the forenoon and by (the) night when it is still. 
Your Lord has neither forsaken you, nor does He hate you. 
And verily the hereafter shall be better for you than the first (life). 
And verily your Lord shall give you and you shall be satisfied. 
Did He not find you an orphan and shelter you? 
And did He not find you erring and guided you? 
And did He not find you needy and enrich you? 
So, as for the orphan, do not oppress (him) 
and as for the beggar, do not drive (him) away, 
and as for your Lord's grace, proclaim (it)." 
- Surah Ad Dhuha

Let this verse be here for my own reflection and reminder as in everything else that is written here. I have never written anything expecting to be judged. A writer simply writes.

This particular verse had a special significance to me when I was living alone in Sharjah UAE for a couple of months looking for employment. This was about eight years ago. Duha, the forenoonas a job seeker had been very quiet, comparatively.

It's a humbling experience as I have always regarded myself as an orphan eversince my father passed away and there I felt it even more as a loner. It's humbling to reflect on it especially when you feel like you are being forsaken and alone. It's humbling to reflect on this line - 'And did He not find you erring and guided you?' Everytime we err, people have the tendency to mock at us, whereas they are not in a position to save us even if they wanted to. It is He and only He who guides us. It is He who helps us, always. Therefore, for His ever pouring grace, for His generous bounties, we have to proclaim, over and over. 

Subhan is Allah. Subhanallah. Allah Karim. And nothing else matters.

8 years on - Duha in KL
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah

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