Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We plan | Allah plans


Supposed to be busy in the office but here I am stranded on this beautiful island - my hometown Penang - a UNESCO World Heritage site. Can't resist mentioning that. 

Well, we plan. Allah plans.

Wanted to bring my travel mate but I forgot! LOL. Just kidding. Oh...the things we all forgot when we travel, especially when it's unplanned.

The hotel asks if you forgot to bring a comb, cotton bud, sewing kit...
Wait a sec, sewing kit?  And if you forgot, dial 0. 
Don't you wish life is as easy as that? 
Of course in real life, the "I forgot" list is a lot longer!

Anyway, our needs are different. And people forgot all kinds of things. But this posting proves that I did not forget to fulfill a request from a reader who wanted to see something from Penang.

When you forgot something or someone,
what you have is only half of you ;-)

Come visit Penang.
2014 is Visit Malaysia Year.

On a serious note, yes we plan, and Allah plans. But of course His plans will prevail. Even if the whole world gang up to harm us, or prevent a bounty from coming our way, nothing will happen except that which He permits. So fret not.

Wish y'all a productive week ahead.

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