Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enriching arts


Praise be to God for His ever flowing bounties.

I am pleased to share this product of a talented 18 year old artist whom I commissioned to produce this piece of art. It's 6 by 9 feet, so it's no easy feat for a budding kufi artist like him. As his first paying-customer, I am delighted. I think we should all support young talents.

This posting is meant to encourage my young nieces and nephews to engage in productive craft/activities, to be creative and earn a handsome income, not just do things as favourite past time. By the way, the young man who did this will be leaving for Ireland to enrol in a medical school, mashaAllah.  

This is just a screenshot. If you wish to see it for real, come visit me in Penang during Eid. Just kidding. No gate crashing please. LOL.

We had selected eight "enriching" Names from Asma'ul Husna because we want to be rich and we are not apologetic about it.

Ar Rahman
Ar Razak
Al Mughni
Al Wahab
Al Basith
Al Karim
Al Mujib
An Nafi

Let's see if you can identify them.

May Allah continue to enrich us with inspirations and make us a receptacle of His Beautiful attributes.


To Amirul, Hanis, Shafiqah & gang - you will enjoy campus life [bi iznillah] am very sure of that :)

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